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Tour Protection Plan

Insure against the financial risks of traveling:
Accidents, illness, delays, cancellations,
lost baggage, terrorism and more.

Anything from terrible weather to a family emergency can derail your plans and bring your tour to an end before it even begins.

Protect your travel investment — and enjoy your adventures — with the Tour Protection Plan.

Purchase within 14 days of your initial trip deposit for maximum benefits.

Plan Benefits

Benefits Limits/Maximums
Trip Cancellation 100% of Trip Cost
Trip Interruption 100% of Trip Cost
Trip Delay (12 hrs.) $750 ($100/day)
Missed Connection (3 hrs.) $500
Airline Ticket Change Fee $200
Baggage/Personal Effects Loss $750 ($250 per article, $500 combined)
Baggage Delay (12 hrs.) $250
Emergency Sickness Medical Expense $50,000
Emergency Accident Medical Expense $50,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation $150,000
Repatriation of Remains $150,000
Non-Medical Evacuation $25,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $10,000
Pre-Existing Condition Coverage Yes, if purchased within 14 days
of initial trip deposit
24-hour Emergency & Standard Travel Assistance Included

Note: Benefits and limits may vary by state. Please review the state-specific Policy (below) for your complete benefits.

Underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. In WA coverage is underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. Applicable to Policy forms NSIGTC 2000, NSHTC 2000, SRTC 2000, or state equivalent. Nationwide Financial Services Privacy Policy

Plan Details (Policy)

For full plan details, download and read the Policy for your state of residence.

State of Residence Tour Protection Plan
CO Policy PDF
FL Policy PDF
IL Policy PDF
IN Policy PDF
MN Policy PDF
MO Policy PDF
MT Policy PDF
NH Policy PDF
NJ Policy PDF
NV Policy PDF
NY Policy PDF
OR Policy PDF
RI Policy PDF
TX Policy PDF
VT Policy PDF
WA Policy PDF
All Other States Policy PDF

Note: Benefits and limits may vary by state. Please review state-specific policies for your complete benefits.

These plans are Underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies, Columbus, OH. Nationwide Financial Services Privacy Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I purchase travel insurance?

2. How long prior to the departure date can a policy be purchased?

3. Can I cancel the plan after I purchase it?

4. Can I request a refund after the “Free Look” period has ended?

5. What if I miss the Early Purchase Advantage period for Pre-Existing conditions waiver and Bankruptcy?

6. When does my coverage become effective?

8. How much of my trip cost should I insure?

9. What is the maximum trip cost per person?

10. Can the trip cost be increased/decreased after purchase?

11. What is the maximum trip length allowed?

12. If a customer purchases a policy and then wants to extend the return date once already on the trip, is this allowed as long as the company is notified prior to the expiration date of the policy?

13. What if the client wants to change the dates of their trip (assuming the travel suppliers allow them to do so without penalty)? Is this permitted? Are there any restrictions?

15. Is age calculated on the date of purchase of the plan or the date of departure?

17. Are there residency or geographic requirements for travelers?

18. Are the plans available to residents of all states?

19. What if the travelers are visiting multiple countries?

20. Are there any restricted destination countries?

21. Is political/civil unrest covered?

22. Are Pre-existing conditions excluded from coverage?

23. Do you offer a Pre-Existing conditions waiver?

24. Is pregnancy considered a Pre-Existing condition? Is the waiver needed? Are complications of pregnancy covered? If so, what constitutes a complication?

25. Does the emergency medical benefit continue once the insured returns home, or does it expire on the return date?

26. Does the plan provide advance payment to a hospital to secure admission?

27. How is the initial trip payment calculated? Is it considered the day (or the day after) the check is written or the day (or day after) the check is cashed?

28. Are coverages per person or per policy?

29. Is there a maximum number of travelers that can be listed on the same application?

30. Can friends, family members and/or traveling companions be on the same policy? Do you have to live in the same state to be on the same policy? In the same household?

31. How do we handle traveling companions that are traveling on different dates? Can they go on the same policy?

32. Can a traveler be added/removed after purchase?

33. Do travelers need to be listed on the same policy to be considered traveling companions?

34. When are weather or storms considered “foreseen”? For tropical storms/hurricanes/winter storms is it when the storm is forecasted, or when the storm is named?

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