Coverage Highlights

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Enjoy the peace of mind and comfort that a well-crafted travel insurance plan offers and save yourself the potential hassles and expenses of an unexpected illness, injury, or travel delay. Below are three examples of how the Travel Protection Plan can protect your travel investment or provide support or reimbursement for issues during your trip. Visit the Plan Benefits page for more details about the benefits mentioned in bold type below.

3 Ways Travel Insurance Could Benefit You:

1. You have an unexpected health issue while traveling.

Perhaps you twist an ankle while hiking Mont Blanc or contract pneumonia in Tanzania; what options do you have? Since few medical insurance policies or Medicare offer coverage outside the U.S., you may encounter unexpected bills if a medical emergency strikes on your trip.

The $50,000 Medical Expense benefit can cover you for emergency medical and dental expenses incurred during your trip. If you need to be transported to a medical facility out of the area or transported home for care, the plan provides $500,000 in coverage for Emergency Assistance and Transportation. This plan includes 24-hour, worldwide, collect-call access to Generali Global Assistance to identify local qualified doctors who speak your language and to coordinate emergency travel arrangements as needed.

2. You encounter travel delays and hassles during your trip.

Your flight to join your Alaska voyage was cancelled due to inclement weather, and you arrive a day late to find that the ship has already sailed. You may incur costly transportation expenses to catch up with the group.

The plan’s Missed Connection benefit can reimburse you up to a maximum of $1,500 for additional transportation costs and reasonable accommodations to catch up to your cruise or tour. Even if joining the trip is simple, the Travel Delay benefit of up to $250/day can reimburse you for meals and hotels if you are delayed for more than 12 hours.

You arrive in Paro for your Bhutan adventure to discover your luggage is missing and you have unexpected expenses to replace clothes and essentials until it is found. Or perhaps your passport is lost or stolen while you are in Tuscany.

The Travel Protection Plan’s Baggage Coverage benefit covers loss or damage to your personal effects and can reimburse your purchase of necessities if your baggage is misdirected or lost for more than 24 hours. This plan includes support from Generali Global Assistance for emergency replacement of lost or stolen passports, visas, or other travel documents.

3. You need to cancel or interrupt your trip.

You are eagerly anticipating your Peruvian trip to Machu Picchu but must cancel due to a serious medical condition arising a few months/weeks/days before departure. Or, perhaps you are already in Spain exploring its prehistoric caves when you learn of the passing of a family member, and you need to return home urgently.

The timing of a cancellation can impact what part of your travel investment is refundable; travel insurance may be able to recover much that is not. The Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverages may reimburse you for the unused, non-refundable pre-paid portion of a trip, as well as the expenses of new or changed air tickets to return home if your travel plans change due to a reason covered by the plan. Additionally, this plan includes 24-hour, worldwide, collect-call access to Generali Global Assistance to coordinate any emergency travel arrangements.

NOTE: Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits are not eligible for coverage if the reason for cancellation is due to a pre-existing medical condition. However, the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion will be waived when the plan is purchased within 21 days from initial deposit.* With this waiver, cancellations due to a chronic condition which becomes acute and/or causes you to change treatment within the 90 days prior to the effective date of the Travel Protection Plan would be covered. This provision extends to you, your spouse, parents, children, siblings, and business partner.

*For residents of AK, IN and WA, the plan must be purchased prior to or within 24 hours of final trip payment in order to have the Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion waived, and the lookback period is 180 days prior to the Plan effective date, instead of 90 days.