Out of Country Emergency Medical
USI Assist with Buy-Up
This benefit is for employees only while traveling outside their country of permanent residence
  • No deductible
  • Coverage is primary
  • No co-insurance
  • No pre-existing conditions exclusion
If, while traveling outside of his or her country of permanent residence, during the course of any Trip of less than 180 days and While on the Business of the Policyholder, an Insured Person suffers an Injury or contracts an Sickness that requires him or her to be treated by a Physician, the Company will pay, subject to the Out of Country Medical Expense Limitations, the Usual and Customary Charges incurred for Covered Medical Services received due to that Injury or Sickness up to $100,000 per Insured Person for that Injury or Sickness. This benefit is payable for such charges incurred outside the Insured Person’s country of permanent residence and within 52 weeks after the date of the accident causing the Injury or the onset of the Sickness.